Tonuino does not produce any sound or reaction

Hello everybody!!
I’m getting quite crazy here! I’m planing on building a tonuino for my daughter as a christmas present. I managed to gather everything I need. For the moment I’m just trying to make things work without assembling the case and without the batteries. So I have a classic plate, the kit from azdelivery (rfid reader, dfplayer, and arduino).

I have put together everything as indicated. I am powering the system from the 5v pin just next to the dfplayer.

I have an sd card formated in fat32 with the structure as said everywhere: both folders advert and mp3, music in 01, 02 folders, and files as 001.mp3, etc.

I have tried separately both arduino and dfplayer and they both work. dfplayer reproduced music by itself with the card I’m using for the tonuino and simple speakers, with an independent setup.

I have loaded the 2.1 version of tonuino, enabled pololu and also 5 buttons in the arduino application, as I will be using 5 buttons on my configuration. I’m not using pololu yet, as i’m just testing the system.

when everything is put together, I get light on the arduino, a red LED on the RFID card reader, and a red LED on the dfplayer, but nothing else happens. No sound, I click buttons and nothing, Put a card on the reader and no reaction, just a soft continuous beep from the speaker (or a buzz more like)… well, I’m really lost here.

I conected the 5 volts soldered directly to the tonuino classic, to make sure is not poor cable gauge.

I attach some photos (only one as I am new to the forum), but any help would be really appreciated. Thanks,


Hello @dabenza
best is, you send us the output of the serial monitor of the IDE. Please formate it with </>.
The output of the serial monitor will help us to identify some issues with the hardware. Also a photo of your soldering would help us to help you.

There is a Connection I think it shouldn’t be there but i cant find the Post. Maybe @Gute_Laune Knows wich thread i mean

Im new to this and i dint know how to get that output you referred to… could you tell me where to get some instructions?

Did you use the Arduino IDE to flash the software or the Online Updater?
Anyway, you need the IDE.

Use CRTL + Shift + m to start the serial monitor, when you are in the IDE.
Also set baud to 115200.

These topics are linked in the FAQ :wink:

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Yes this is what i mean xD

Great! Thanks, first thing I’ll do after work.

Thank you soooo much guys.

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Before i mess everything up, can i connect tle system to the 5volt as i have it soldered and, at the same time connect the usb of the arduino to the computer?

No, that is not a good idea. 5V OR USB at the same time.

The problem is to run the serial monitor i need the usb, and the usb of the arduino does not start the dfplayer (the LED stays off). It could be not enough current? That’s why i power the hole system from those 5 volts.
I will try to run the serial monitor just with the usb and see what gives…

The led will only light up, if the player plays something. It does not indicate the power supply

really? when powered from the 5volt the LED is on…

Hi Manuel, I have worked on that pin and separated the little metal plate from the sd holder to ensure it is not that. Still same result. Not working, but thanks anyway

You can see it for example in this video TonUINO - Arduino-RFID-MP3-Player - YouTube

alright! I finally did the serial monitor and this is the result, doing the following things: 1 put sd card (wrote nothing), press vol down, press vol up, press next, press previous, press and hold pause (only by pressing it wrote nothing).

TonUINO Version 2.1
created by Thorsten Voß and licensed under GNU/GPL.
Information and contribution at

=== loadSettingsFromFlash()
Version: 2
Maximal Volume: 25
Minimal Volume: 5
Initial Volume: 15
EQ: 1
Locked: 0
Sleep Timer: 0
Inverted Volume Buttons: 1
Admin Menu locked: 0
Admin Menu Pin: 1111
=== setstandbyTimer()
Firmware Version: 0x92 = v2.0
=== playShortCut()
Shortcut not configured!
=== volumeDown()
=== volumeUp()
=== playShortCut()
Shortcut not configured!
=== playShortCut()
Shortcut not configured!
=== playShortCut()
Shortcut not configured!

I hope that helps find out something!!!
Many many thanks to you folks

Is there an output, when you put an rfid-tag on the reader?

No, reader doesn’t do anything

Maybe you can Take a Photo of the soldering of the Reader

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And of the whole setup!

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:sweat_smile: I will!! I’m so sorry for the trouble. I really was so exited about this that it broke my heart not to make it work. I hope my daughter appreciates it

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