TonUINO buttons cable connection

I’m Francesco from Italy, so I write in english.

I bought the TonUINO buttons cable ( to connect arcade buttons to the TonUINO classic board (

How should I connect the connector to the board? I’m confused because the board has 1 extra pin, so I don’t know which of them (1 or 6) should not be used.

Another question regarding buttons: is there any rules to follow to connect buttons to the cables (ex. „volume up“ button must be connected on the pin number 1, „volume down“ button on pin 3, …)

Thanks very much in advance


You connect the first five from the left.

Yes of course.

The first pin (A0) is play/pause.
The second pin (A1) is vol+.
The third pin (A2) is vol-.
The fourth pin (A3) is next.
The fifth pin (A4) is prev.

Keep in mind the fourth and fifth button need to be enabled in the firmware and can also be swapped with second and third in settings. So the best is to wire them up and test them before you finally put them in your case.

Hi, thanks for your reply.
What is the default/simplest buttons sequence, considering that I would like to have only 3 buttons (play/pause, volume up, volume down) and that 2/3 and 4/5 should be swapped?

Please see attached the 2 variants

I would also like to:

  • power Arduino with a powerbank: do you have any suggestions for one powebank that should works fine for this? is it possible to keep it always connected to Arduino (inside the box case) and recharge it simultaneously?
  • add a power on/off button: is it possible to connect it to the same „button pins line“? Will it work well with the powerbank?


You connect just the first 3 (first image). Simple as that.

Maybe use to translate…

You need to cut the USB cable between the power bank and the arduino and wire a switch into the plus line. There is lots of information in the forum about that.

What’s the difference between using the Pololu switch instead of the auto-shoutdown via software (as visible on this video: TonUINO - automatische Abschaltung - YouTube)

The video solution seems to be simplest for me :thinking:

The difference is, that the Pololu switch need a trigger impulse Low to High to switching off. The software solution depends of the support from the Powerbank. The Powerbank have to shut down, if the current is less than round about 30 mA. This kind of reaction is very different enter any powerbanks.

Shit autocorrection. I Hope you can understand ., :roll_eyes:

I’m sorry I make difficult to understand… If I use an „Intenso Slim S 10000“ powerbank (found in this forum), can I connect it directly to the arduino USB port and use the auto shutdown (via software), and wake up clicking one of the arcade button?


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No, that is not possible. The powerbank „sleeps“. And to wake it up, you need a normally closed push button (not the arcade button you will use for play,…) or a switch.
@stephan told you a solution. @Thomas-Lehnert said why :wink:

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Ok, so the @stephan solution is the same as the video solution. And the switch must be accessible from the outside of the box. Is that correct?



How many pins should have the on/off button? Online I see there are many variants, with 2/3/4/5 pins:

As described at the beginning, I’ll connect my 3 buttons using the „leiterkartenpiraten“ cable: using an additional on/off button it seems that I’ll won’t have problems with connection. Instead, using the Pololu switch, it seems that I should connect arcade buttons to it, so probabmy my cables won’t work fine?

Thanks again

At least, you need two pins, which are wired to the cutted plus line of the USB cable.
If you like to have a LED, which signals, that the Tonuino is On/Off, you need a switch with LED (and you will have at least 3 pins).

Thanks, very clear!
What about the Pololu doubt?