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Hello Guys!

I think that TonUINO is now International, I’m Michele and I’m new in the community, Italian and currently living in Wien.
This week I’ve ordered the components and yesterday assembled everything. With my little knowledge of german and Google translate I’ve managed properly so far but now I need some support.
I did’nt get how to organise the mp3s and the folders and how to setup and how to assign to every mp3 the correct card.
Can somebody help me?


Hi Michele, benvenuto :wink:

the sd-card has to be formatted fat16 or fat. This means you can only use cards up to 32gb.
The structure should be:



Use the files from the repository for the folders advert and mp3.
Put your own files in the folders 01 to 99. Each folder can contain 255 mp3 files named 001.mp3, 002.mp3 up to 255.mp3.

Prepare a folder on your pc and copy it to the card in one go.

Put your sd card in the dfplayer, power everything on and put a rfid card on the reader and leave it there.

Now TONuino asks for the folder to attach to this rfid card. Navigate through the folders with the vol-up vol-down button and press play for the folder you like. TONuino says the number and starts playing the first file in the folder while navigating.
Next it asks for the mode for the selected folder. Again navigate through modes with vol-up and vol-down and press play if done.

Your card is now connected to the folder.

Repeat with other RFID-Cards for more folders.

Cheers, Daniel


Hi Daniel. Thanks for the support, I have managed to register the cards :slight_smile:
Two more question for today.
The volume is not working, what can be wrong?
How can I reconfigure a card already registered?




That depends on the software you have installed. On the stable one you need to long press the volume buttons for volume change. And hold play Pause to reconfigure a card. On the DEV version you can change the button behavior on the admin menu (i.E. swap volume with next track). The reconfigure card is in the admin menu as well when you use the DEV version.

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Super, thanks.
I have installed the stable. And is working fine. For the DEV I have to change something in the Hardware ( connections of buttons etc) or is everything the same?


No change to the hardware, but you need to swap out the mp3 and advert folders as well because the DEV has more audio prompts. @nanos translations are for the DEV so you can try these.



I am also interested in english support! :innocent:

I’m Nicolas, I live in Toulouse in the south west of France and I’m doing a Tonuino for my 2 year old daughter.


Hello Nicolas and very welcome to the community, is there a specific Problem we can help with or is this a wish in general and you wana something like a english Manual / FAQ or something simular?


I met some problems of assembly but seem resolved (I have sound, light, badges are read).
Now I try to make it work and it is true that an English manual (or at least in German) would be very practical.
I translated the speech.txt file into French, but I still can not generate the mp3 files (either under linux with create-soundfiles.sh or windows with text2speech)


@nanos did a translation of the current DEV sound files to English. You can download them here. Maybe this helps to get you started. You need to flash the DEV version though, which brings some extended functionality.


Thanks for the suggestion, however I try to do the version on ESP32… is it compatible? I’m not sure.


Well there is several ESP32 ports. I suggest you ask in the thread of the particular port. I am not sure if the audio prompts are the same or not. I doubt it though.