US produced circuit boards


I made a Toniunio (actually 2) a few years ago.
My kids broke into the box and the wires are all over and it’s a mess.

I am from the US and saw that there are items like

It would make putting it back together much faster. Do you have any US sellers? With shipping being the way it is, it is doubtful I would get it before the new year.

Unfortunately we don’t ship to the US nor do we have any US based seller.

Would the plans for the TonUino classic board be on github somewhere? I know someone in the US who makes circut boards.

No. There are no Gerber files available.

@stephan do you ship to the US?
If not, i would be willing to send it to you, after reciving it…but if you had to order it, why not take the aio?

:sweat_smile: okay…

So i would send it to you, you could pay via paypal

I would love the AIO but I have 3 children, so that’d be around 170 euros (about $180USD) plus shipping. It would be amazing but I could not afford it.

Let me see what I can do. Someone had an idea based on a github fork