Tonuino with amplifier big noise

Good morning to you all. I’m half way of building my tonuino and I have faced another problem. I want to connect the dfplayer to an amplifier board, as I want a big rich sound with stereo speakers and some 50 watts. I tried to power both arduino and amplifier from the same lithium battery, taking two lines to two step-up modules and adjusting to 5v to the arduino and 12v to the amp. So, what happens? first the amp has a volume control and if the volume is not completely down, when I switch on electricity, it does a terrible noise. But worst of all, there is a lot of noise coming into the amplifier all the time.

I tried to separate the power supplies (1battery for the amp and another independent for the arduino) The big starting noise stays but the noise hiss is much better.

I’m triying to figure out how to do this, if there is a kind of soft-start board for the amplifier unit and then, how can I charge two independent batteries with one cable…

So, anywone with the same experience? any ideas?

Thanks so much!

Regards, David.

a photo of my amp board, in case there is someone with a great idea!

You could try to use the Arduino with 12V on Vin. It needs more energie because the heat to transorm, but it its work you need only one battery.
You can try to use a diode befor Vin of DFPlayer. Sometimes its works that Arduino get 5V and DFPlayer only 4,3V .

For direct speakers many users use two mosfets

maybe you try 4 Mosfets for stereo signal

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Some noise comes from the step up. It uses frequenzy to make the higher Voltage.

And some boise comes fromthe df player itself.

This is a low budget projekt for kids, no hifi.

At first you need a clean power supply.
It would be better if you find an amp that works with 6-7V and use two Batterys

If you want use another amp, try to get an amp with mute Pin. Than you can connect the mute input with the Nano for mute the amp while the Tonuino is starting.

I’ve also had trouble with the dfplayer and a amplifier in a different project.
I could reduce the noise with a Tesla B0505S.

my batteries are 3,7 lithium, I dont really understand what I get from feeding the arduino 12 volts. I will have to use the same battery as I was intended to do primarily

Do you mean using an amplifier with 2 mosfets per channel? I think it is going to be a big thing, for a small project, not sure I want that, besides, it will need probably a lot of energy from just a battery…

Thanks for the replies! i fully understand this is no hifi, but there must be a way to reduce the noise to bearable levels. At the moment the background noise is only good enough with separate batteries. But I have no idea how to put 2 independent batteries, that feed two elements separately but are charged using the same cable… I’m very lost here. If that could be possible, one of my problems could be solved.

The other one is starting the amplifier, it makes a big thunderous noise, I suppose due to the inrush current. If there is a way to feed the amplifier slowly, using caps or thermistors or whatever, it could be just fine. I just don’t have the knowledge to do this succesfully… :weary:

Why did you want 50W on a Battery device?
Did you ever trued the 3W from.the DFPlayer on your speaker? The little box i have gets really loud.

What kind of speaker do you use? can you make some pictures?

Is there a posibility to youse a stationary power supply?
Or a smaller amo with less supply voltage? So you can plug directly the battery? Two batteries in series makes 7V.

2 separate batteries make no sense.

You can use two mosfet for each channel to switch on and of the channel. They are very small and need nearly zero current.

You put them after the DF Player not after the amp.

The simpelst way is, to use a realais what switches ON the speakers after a short delay of 3 or 4 seconds. Than the initialisation-sound of the df-player is done and is not given to the speakers. There are other solutions too, for example a cicuit with MosFets but if you got no experience in electronics it is a little bit complicatet.

I’m loosing faith on the possibility of an amp. It’s looking bad for me, as I don’t have skills to get solutions by myself. I have to be asking for help on every step I take, and that is consuming. I don’t want a lot of volume, but I want good quality sound. It is not intended just to listen to crappy childish songs, rather than good recorded albums. My daughter loves music, from classical to rock. And I don’t want bluetooth!. So may I ask your opinión. I have got these speakers DAYTON AUDIO PC83-4 and they require 30 watts or more. So no option.
I was searching for other options, but I need your opinion on them:
DAYTON AUDIO C65W, they handle about 7 watts or more, but they are 8 ohms. Will they sound at all?

Another interesting possibility, still in my badget are these:
Also 7 watts and they are 4 ohms, easy load I believe, but I don’t know if they will play at all on the output of the Dfplayer without amp.
Visatons are not on my list for poor quality…
All comments more than welcome!!

The amp an the DF player is not the quality bottleneck, it is the mp3 player itself. But that doesnt mean it sounds bad, but you cant increase the quality with amother amp.

The experience here is that 8ohm works better than 4ohm, because of less noise and the dfplayer amp dont shut down at a high volume.

You can get a really good quality by choosing the right chassis and build the right box for the chassis. That might be the most important part.
Also you can build a crossover to equalize the chassis in the box.

A bigger amp doesnt bring a better music. And the 30W from the specification are the max values, not the min!

So when your chassis say it has 30W you should choose an amp with 30W or less.

And also Visaton makes good chassis. Perhaps not the best but also not bad.

Did you ever tried the 3W amp on the dfplayer?

I use a Visaton FR8 and i am amazed how good the sound is for tgis little mp3 player.

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wise words, indeed. I’m quite aware of the fact that this configuration cannot bring superior quality in anyway, but I’m always searching to produce as best sound as possible. But for the sake of playing and trying things, I’ll play with different speakers. Anyway, this won’t be my last tonuino, for sure! I’ll keep you updated