TonUino Fork+ SD-Kartenformat

Ich möchte sicherstellen, dass ich die richtige Gabel für einen 3-Tasten-Tonuino habe.
Ich habe das Gefühl, ich mache etwas falsch, aber es gibt so viele github Gabeln jetzt, dass ich denke, dass ich die falsche heruntergeladen. Ich frage mich, ob ich etwas auskommentieren muss.

Ich bin nach dem grundlegenden Plan mit einem arduino nano.

Außerdem habe ich die Dateien auf meiner SD-Karte „AVERT“ und „MP3“ und dann meine anderen Ordner sind „01, 02“. Ist das richtig?

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TonUINO - Die DIY Musikbox (nicht nur) für Kinder hast du einen „Chrome Browser“ ist dieser weg der leichteste.

Der Ordner muss „ADVERT“ heißen

Das ist richtig

Dateien heißen darin 001.mp3, 002.mp3

I think you used this fork

That one offers audiofiles for the mp3 and advert folder in English. The firmware @raznz_snasna linked is a different one. I don’t know a source for English audiofiles for that one.

The 3 button option is default, so you don’t have to change anything.

I am working on formatting my SD card right now. The terminal is showing me an error that means either my DF mini player is broken or my SD Card is not formatted right. My files are so I am using the SD card tool as suggested to try and fix it.

Now I’m getting a „Shortcut not configured“

Which is making me nuts because I have the original TonUnio sound files in German just to make sure everything is ok

As long as you did not configure a shortcut that is not an error.

Hi @Gute_Laune

I was able to fix everything using the bahnfrei fork.

I have a three problems.

  1. It feels like my TonUino takes FOREVERRRRR to turn on. It can be 10+ seconds before I hear „lets go“. Power problem? Software? Or am I just impatient

  2. My RFID reader is sketchy. It used to be able to read through my box (thin wood) but now it will not. Is this a hardware issue? Issue with power?

  3. Despite my checking over and over and taking out the // to define 5 buttons buttons 4 & 5 persist in not working, I’m not sure if I need to take out more // or undefine 3 buttons?

Right now I have

Blue= Pause/Play A0 (EXCELLENT!)
Green= Volume minus A1 (doesn’t seem to really do much, but works fine for start up)
Red= Volume plus A2 (EXCELLENT)
Yellow L= Previous Track A3 (makes the pixies angry)
Yellow R= Next track A4 (does nothing)

Usually that happens because of a communication error. Sometimes that happens because the tx pin has contact with the SD card slot or because there is a problem in the connection between tx and the arduino.

Maybe someone else can help you debugging, because the fork of bahnfrei you use is based of the fork of @stephan and I don’t use that.

Thanks. I had another DF mini to swap out and no improvement. Hopefully @stephan is around at some point and can comment on the 5 button.

I’m not quite sure what you expect form me. The firmware you use is based on mine, yes. One mine it is sufficient to uncomment (ie. remove the //) for the 5 button option. But be aware the Buttons don’t react at all times on my fork (and I guess this was not changed on the fork you use…). Ie. volume up/down only works during playback. Also prev/next only works in certain playmodes. So don’t expect feedback on the console when the box is idle.

I have it uncommented. It still does nothing, I’m following the guide that is given with firmware.

I will have to look to see what playback modes it works with. It lists random, but it is not working with that.