Play/stop button doesn't work (jumper already removed)

Moin moin,
I am quite new here, as this is my first post, but I have been going through a large number of the messages here over the last few weeks, and I noticed this community was super helpful, so I hope you guys can also give me a hand regarding my current problem :slight_smile:
Here is my situation: I have put together my All-In-One TonUINO, with 5 buttons using the Tonuino button cable 10xQC. When checking the serial monitor everything seems to work fine (or least I do get the expected output on the monitor!), except for the play/stop button. I have already removed the jumper, but still, when I check on the monitor it seems like the play/start button is already pressed from the start.

 _____         _____ _____ _____ _____
|_   _|___ ___|  |  |     |   | |     |
  | | | . |   |  |  |-   -| | | |  |  |
  |_| |___|_|_|_____|_____|_|___|_____| All-in-One

TonUINO Version 2.2
created by Thorsten Voß and licensed under GNU/GPL.
Information and contribution at

=== loadSettingsFromFlash()
Version: 2
Maximal Volume: 25
Minimal Volume: 5
Initial Volume: 15
EQ: 1
Locked: 0
Sleep Timer: 0
Inverted Volume Buttons: 0
Admin Menu locked: 0
Admin Menu Pin: 1111
=== setstandbyTimer()
Firmware Version: 0x92 = v2.0
=== playShortCut()
Shortcut not configured!
=== playShortCut()
Shortcut not configured!

I changed the button, to make sure the problem was not coming from there, but this made no difference.
This is quite perplexing because it seems everyone who reported a similar problem had forgotten to remove the jumper, and simply removing it fixed the whole issue. But in my case the jumper is already out of the way, so I don’t really know where the problem is coming from :-/

Any ideas?

Thanks, and have a lovely evening!

p.s: I tried to add some pictures but it seems I am not allowed to do so, as I am a new user. I will try later

Where the button cable connects, check the underside of the PCB. Maybe there is a short of the pins. Either on the AiO or the button adapter. They are quite tiny…

Hi Stephan,
Thanks a lot for your fast reply! :slight_smile:
I have just checked that now (true, some are indeed really tiny :D), but from what I can see, I think this seems fine.

Oh and now that I can post pictures, here are the ones I wanted to add yesterday, in case this is helpful :slight_smile:

Is the board powering on by itself when you plug in the USB? If yes, can you check whether the little button SW2 below the MCU is stuck maybe? Also disconnect the button adapter and cable etc. is it still showing as pressed on the console?

If all does not help you need to contact support and have the board checked.

Wo melde ich mich, wenn ich Probleme mit meiner TonUINO AiO Platine habe?

  • Zuerst hier im Forum
  • Wenn dir dort gesagt wird es handle sich mit hoher Wahrscheinlichkeit um einen Hardwaredefekt, melde dich bitte mit einer Fehlerbeschreibung, Platinenversion und Seriennummer bei

So just checked: the SW2 button is not stuck, and once the whole button adapter/cable part is disconnected it still appears as pressed on the console (stupid me, I should have checked that from the beginning!)… :sob: well I guess I have to contact support then.
In any case, thanks a ton for your help and fast replies, Stephan! :pray:

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