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While this is true of course, he most likely has them, otherwise he would not have been able to link a single card to a folder… And if he’d do this with an app to something else, for pure playback they are not required. So this can’t be the issue here.

if i use the original tonUINO code everything works properly. however i was unable to find english audio prompts for the original.

if i use stephan’s code with the english sd catd files he provided i have issues with the 5 button and music wont auto play.

by Thorsten Voß
Stephan Eisfeld
and many others
  Mar 23 2020
prefs read
prefs migrate
init nfc
Firmware Version: 0x92 = v2.0
init mp3
   start 15
     max 25
    menu 15
      eq normal
   files rx timeout error
init 5 buttons
init 10m timer
read ul|nt ok 13 37 B3 47 01 01 02 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
rx timeout error
read ul|nt ok 13 37 B3 47 01 01 02 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
rx timeout error
volume 16
volume 15

The software is not getting replies from the DFPlayer. That is why it is not working. Please check for a short to GND (the sd-card slot) on that pin of the DFPlayer:

Thanks that appears to be the issue! i swapped out for a new player and it worked. is the pin supposed to be shorted?

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No, the pin and the card slot shouldn‘t be shorted.

Awesome! No there should be no connection between that pin and GND (ie. the sd-card slot). You can fix that by melting the tin and bend up the leg of the slot.

I purchased them in bulk pre-soldered. I had an extra and swapped it out. I will try to repair the other. Thanks for your help!

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You are welcome mate! The issue is not very common but we have seen that a couple times here. It’s also in the #hardware FAQ for that matter, but I understand that there is language barrier. :slight_smile:

Hi, since today one of my daughters is already enjoying her Tonuino. A second one for The younger is on the way and I find it so cool that I would like to build a couple of them for a Spanish friend. I speak German and English , but I am native Spanish so I could translate the texts really quickly. Would you include this in your variant or is this multi language not part of the native Tonuino dev branch ? Cool community!!

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Feel free to translate the language file to Spanish (you can send me the link via PM, if you can’t do it via GitHub). You find it in my repo. When I have time I‘ll generate the files als update my repo.

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Hi @stephan
forked your repo, added Spanish files and pushed them. You’ve got a pull request.

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It’s merged, audio files got generated with polly and are updated as well. I also completed the spanish option of the python script to support polly and google tts in addition to macOS say.

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Wow, that’s efficiency. TOP, thanks a lot! The audio files that you generated using Amazon polly are much better than the ones using the built in „say“ speech synth in MacOS. Now there is no excuse for me to built 3 more Tonuinos, all HW apart from the speakers have been ordered… Hopefully everything will be ready before my flights in August to Spain.

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Excuse me, but I am navigating with the help of Google Translate and I could not see where to click for beginning a new 3d.
I have rendered all the sound files both in Italian and in English. I have also prepared the single text files so that you can render them with another voice, The MP3s are correctly numbered and stored in the /mp3 and /advert directories.
Where-how can I post them so that you can download and use them? I hope nobody already did it… :grinning:

PS it looks like I DID start a new 3D…

Thanks a lot stephan for all the work. Somehow the original tonuino software was not uploading but with yours I didn’t have any problem.

After a month of playing with the box, I notice that the auto shut-off works perfectly (in my case after 5 min). But if kids let the last track of the album play until the end, then the box never shuts down (or until i push play + pause once). Is there a way around it? The simplest would be to put an alarm sound song as last track, but maybe there is a more elegant way.