English audio files

where can the english audio files be found as i do not understand german.

The soundfiles depend on the firmware. Which software do you use?

i am using tonuino-tng the latest version on github 3.1 i think

Ok, I think currently these are not available.
You can create them yourself with the python script in the tools folder in the GitHub repository and the audio_messages_en.txt file. There is an instruction in English how you can do that at TonUINO/README_EN.md at master · seisfeld/TonUINO · GitHub . But I am not sure if the instruction still match the script.

At the moment you can also use the ones I made now. But I won’t update them, if the audio messages are changed. But maybe then there are official files.

finally had time to install them that did it thank you for your help. i have noticed one thing on inserting cards i have to press the play/pause button three times before playback comences is this normal?

No it is not normal. What does the serial monitor show and what hardware do you use?

sorry for the delay medical real life got in the way, after some looking online i think i have a solution as i have noted that there alot of copies of the dfplayer mini and not all work well, i have since taken this module for another project for a birthday present i will look to getting more df player modules can you recomend some as all on amazon france are copies and not the original by dfrobot