Tonuino TNG 3.1 Dutch Audio files

Hi / Hallo!

I created some files for a Dutch Tonuino TNG 3.1. If anyone is interested:

Still not sure on some German phrases, mainly mp3/0320 + 0321, if anybody can help. Otherwise these files work great!

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It’s great that you do the translation.
Have a look for the missing phrases on DeepL Translate: The world's most accurate translator

It does very good translations.
Cut the german text and paste the translated dutch phrases.

Hi Luca,

I would love to, but I don’t quite hear what is being said in the original German audio. If someone is able to write the German 0320 and 0321 phrases, this is a piece of cake. They aren’t currently up to date in the „audio_messages_de.txt“ in the current GitHub version, I notified this already there.

Die aktuellen Files findest du hier:

Hörbuchmodus einzeln
Den nächsten Titel im Ordner wiedergeben und den Fortschritt speichern.

Die letzte Karte oder der Shortcut wird wiederholt.

You can find the current files here:

Audiobook mode single
Play the next track in the folder and save the progress.

Repeat card mode
The last card or shortcut is repeated.

Deepl-translation english

U kunt de huidige bestanden hier vinden:

Audioboek modus single
Speel het volgende nummer in de map af en sla de voortgang op.

Herhaalde kaartmodus
De laatste kaart of snelkoppeling wordt herhaald.

Deepl-translation english

Great! I updated the files, everything is in order now! Thanks for the information!

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