Tonuino and Amiboo

Hi guys! I would like to use the Tonuino in such a way that it reads a Nintendo amiibo and plays the sound I’ve chosen for that amiibo when it’s scanned by the RFID sensor. Can anyone explain to me how I can do this? Thank you very much.

Out of the box, i think, this might not work.
Even though the amiibo chips are NTAG 215, witch TonUINO shouls read, but nintendo write protected parts of them!
TonUNIO writes date on the chip, witch afterwards is read out to play the assigned file(s).
So, if the parts of the chip, TonUINO normaly writes to, are write protected, your idea is not to realize out of the box.

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I understand, thank you. So, I assume the only solution is to write a code from scratch somehow linking the Amiibo ID to a musical track without the need for tag writing, I suppose. Thanks again for the clarification, you’ve been very kind.

There is another project, that began here. It is called ESPuino. Try