Sleep error with firmware of stephan

Hi everyone. I made my first box and it is beautiful and I am very happy.
I have only one small problem with sleep mode.
When the box doesn’t play anything and goes into sleep mode, in the console I have the following error:

by Thorsten Voß
Stephan Eisfeld
and many others
  Jun 23 2020
prefs read
prefs migrate
init nfc
Firmware Version: 0x92 = v2.0
init mp3
   start 15
     max 25
    menu 15
      eq normal
sleep error
   files sleep error
sleep error
init 3 buttons
init 10m timer
sleep error

and it no longer works, and it doesn’t wake up even with a card.
I used the firmware of @stephan

How can I solve the problem?
how do you wake up from sleep mode?

Thank you

When the box is going to sleep mode it should shut off. There is no concept of waking up again. To use the box again it needs to be switched off and on again.

OK! I got it
Thank you


I created the file: audio_messages_it.txt
in Italian and audio messages.
can they be useful?

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When you upload them someplace (.txt file is enough, just PM me the link), I’ll see what I can do to add it to the repo. Need to check if I can introduce Italian to the scripts as well then.

@erik84, did you find the root cause of this problem? I am experiencing the same issue. I am using a pololu switch and have uncommented the relevant part of the sketch, as per the instructions.

My Tonuino also behaves as you described. It gets idle instead of powering off and it only goes back to normal once resetting the board.

What problem? The firmware can’t „wake up“ the hardware. When powered down with a pololu switch you need to also power it back on using that switch.

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@stephan described it here: