My first Tonuino

I’m making my first Tonuino powering it with an Intenso S10000 and using this version of software.
Powerbank is connected to the Tonuino circuit via pins.
Connecting the powerbank, Arduino swith on and I can using Tonuino admin menu.
In Tonuino code, I’ve enabled the „LOWVOLTAGE“ option, in order to shutdown automatically the system after a period of inactivity, and power it again via a simple switch.
The strange thing is that, if I’m using the admin menu, Tonuino stay switched on, but if I doesn’t interact with it, it switched off automatically after about 1 minute.
I’ve tried to disable the auto shutdown via admin menu and nothing changes, so it seems that the powerbank has an internal function that switch off Tonuino if the voltage is low.
Is this the correct behavior? If yes, what’t the software auto shutdown functionality purpose?
Supposing that this is the correct behavior, if a child switch on the system, play the first card, and after that wait more than 1 minute before play the second one, Tonuino will switch off?

My behavior seems different than the one on this video, where Tonuino switchoff after 5 minutes (probably via admin config setting).

Do you have any suggestion?

Thanks very much

This is only supported if you have a special pcb (cubiekid). For a normal Classic TonUINO you either don’t enable LOWVOLTAGE and POLOLUSWITCH at all. This gives you the behavior as in the video you mention. Or in case you have a Pololu Power Switch you enable the later (reverses the logic on pin 7).

Be aware you are not using the same software as in the video. But as said if you don’t enable either switch above you’ll have the same behavior.

Hi thanks.
I tried to comment again the line #define LOWVOLTAGE and connect powerbank directly via usb, but nothing changes :frowning:
Here a video: Dropbox - Video 26-11-21, 20 00 - Simplify your life


It seems the power bank shuts itself off because the TonUINO does not draw enough power. Which is what you want but only when the shutdown timer expired.

Expected behavior: Set the shutdown timer in the parents menu. once you don’t interact with it and it does not currently play something it starts counting (you need to exit parents menu obviously). Once expired it shuts everything off, brings the power usage below the threshold of the power bank and the power bank shuts off. So far so good.

Issue: Your issue is, the TonUINO does not draw enough power all the time, hence the powerbank shuts off. So you need to increase the power draw. For example with an LED. There is plenty information on the Forum about that. With the firmware you use you can actually draw some info from the LED, read the instructions at the beginning of the sketch on how to connect it etc.

Also I suggest you go step by step. Make the TonUINO work with a power supply. Configure everything etc. Make yourself familiar with the software the concept etc. THEN start exploring more advanced features like LEDs, auto shutdown, pololu switch etc.

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My actual problem should be that, in this quick test, Rfid reader is not connected, so the consumed power is not enough?

Yes. The NFC Reader, the player has no SD card etc. Please build everything with a power supply make sure everything works as per your desire and then go further.

thanks! I keep you updated

Hi, here with some updates:

  • I’ve tried to connect everything, but my powerbank automatically shutdown after 1 minute of inactivity.
  • My other problem is that RFID reader doesn’t work properly: a fixed red led is switched on, but putting an empty card on it have no effect. Because I’m building 2 TonUINOs (and I have double components), I tried to use a second RFID reader, tried to change the 8 jumper cables, tried to use my second „AZDelivery TonUINO Set“, tried to use my second soldered PCB circuit but nothing changes.

This is my logs:

by Thorsten Voß
Stephan Eisfeld
and many others
  Nov 26 2021
prefs read
prefs migrate
init nfc
Firmware Version: 0x0 = (unknown)
WARNING: Communication failure, is the MFRC522 properly connected?
init mp3
   start 15
     max 25
    menu 15
      eq normal

Here a new video

Do you have any suggestions?

Ok, found a FAQ for the RFID problem (Problem in der Verbindung zum RFID bei Verwendung des Nanos mit dem Aufdruck „2038“)

Switching pin 9 with 6 solve the issue!! Because I’m using this version of the firmware, is it correct to change as following?

  • const uint8_t nfcResetPin = 9; —> const uint8_t nfcResetPin = 6;
  • const uint8_t statusLedPin = 6; —> const uint8_t statusLedPin = 9;

And now also the powerbank issue is fixed!!


Yes this is correct for that firmware. You can use any free pin by the way. So you don’t need to switch the LED pin. The issue is most likely that your nano does not output correct 3.3V. You’ll find similar issues on the forums.

Ok, used pin D8 which was free both on board and firmware:

  • const uint8_t nfcResetPin = 9; —> const uint8_t nfcResetPin = 8;

Do you have any idea why using a MicroSD card extender

the card is not read?

With some it works with some it does not. It’s probably a voltage issue.

I once had the same problem and was able to solve it by desoldering the 330 ohm resistor on the board of the extender as described here.

Thank you molino: I saw that topic and I was planning to remove that resistor to solve the issue related to auto shutdown after a period of inactivity. Do you think that this could solve also the SD card reading problem?

Yes I do. At least with my setup, it solved this exact problem.

Wow,after removing the resistor, my microSD card works fine with the extension cable!
I also confirm that the auto shutdown, configurable via admin menu, works fine using the powerbank :star_struck:

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Hi, I’m finishing assembling my first TonUINO, and I have some doubts about the charging cable.
My box has:

  • A powerbank (Intenso S10000)
  • A switch on the 5V cable
  • The auto shutdown timer enabled on 5 minutes
  • A MicroSD extenion cable (without resistor - already removed)

After 5 mins of inactivity, red light on Nano switches off, and the green one remains on. After about 1 minute, also the green light switches off.

If I try to reproduce the same situation, but with the charging cable connected (so powerbank charges), what happens is different:

  • After 5 mins of inactivity, red light on Nano switches off, and the green one remains on and never swithes off
  • If I remove the cable, red lights on DFPlayer and Nano switch on again, but TonUINO doesn’t works (no music, no admin menu)
  • If I switch off the system using the switch, all lights switch off (no electricity at all).

Why this difference? If powerbank is charging, auto shutdown via timer only switch off TonUINO functionality, but the system stays always on?


Because your powerbank does not shut off while it is charging, the last part in @stephan"s explanation does not happen.

After the timer expired and the TonUINO switched to power saving mode, it cannot wake up itself. It does only work again after the power supply was disconnected.

Using the shutoff of the powerbank is not always reliable. Since you can’t influence the behaviour of the powerbank.

An alternative would be to configure a wakeup by interrupt on the play button in the CheckStandbyTimer function just before deep sleep execution.
At the moment all interrupts are disabled before deep sleep. So there is no come back.
You may keep an Interrupt enabled on the play button and then call the setup() after sleep(). So tonuino will make a complete restart after wakeup.