Classic PCB / Platine options outside of DE?

Hi all, I’m planning to make several TonUINOs, and I am looking for advice on PCBs to connect all the pieces of the TonUINO.

Looking through this (very helpful!) site, the #1 resource is the classic PCB/platine from Leiter Karten Piraten, but I’m in the U.S.

So, what works for you all who have made a TonUINO outside of Germany?

A breadboard makes sense, but it doesn’t seem like it would fit inside a box enclosure quite as well.

Right now, I’m looking at either perma-proto generic PCBs like these from Adafruit,or Arduino shield PCBs from Sparkfun.
Adafruit perma-proto boards as one option.
Sparkfun arduino shield pcbs as another

I’ve seen a few people online mention ordering and printing their own PCBs, but I haven’t seen anyone share out the details on what they’ve done or the resources that they made use of (and whether or not they worked in the end).

Is there any chance that there is an open PCB diagram (a la easy-ada) that someone can vouch for? I haven’t ever gone about ordering or making a custom PCB, so I’m feeling especially lost here.

For example, there are files like this easy-eda pcb for tonuino, but I have no idea if it’s usable, let alone the scope of the project to turn it into a physical PCB: PCB_pcb tonuino_2023-01-12 Resources - EasyEDA

I’ve worked on several projects involving breadboards, prototyping/generic PCBs, soldering modules and wires together, and programming microcontrollers, so I’m feeling confident about the project in general. It seems like something is needed, even if it is not the „classic platine“ by Voss, so I thought I’d check what others have found.

All the details and examples of my confusion are only to provide some context – this is an amazing site and collective project, not to mention labor of love, and I’m grateful :raised_hands:

Adafruit perma-proto boards as one option.

Sparkfun arduino shield pcbs as another

There is a seperate category 3rd Party where all projects using their own PCBs are in. The category is hidden for new users, because these are projects for advanced users. So after reaching the next trust level you will also have access to those topics.

Sometime the connection inside the breadbord don’t work well. You can use it for testing, but sometimes it causes errors.

But you can use something like this and solder the connections.

Or you solder all the connections yourself.

A picture also visible for new users is here

No matter what you decide, use pin headers for the player and the Nano, so you can remove them if you have to.

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